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JJQ, 46.2 (Winter 2009) is finally posted on ProjectMuse and can now be accessed digitally. This current issue features articles by Greg Winston, Paul Herring, Jennifer Burns Levin, Adrian Curtin, Patrick Wynn Moran, Roy Benjamin, Christopher Eagle, and Bill Brockman’s Current JJ Checklist (106). Also, located on the front cover is a crossword puzzle created and designed by Professor Steven Doloff from the Pratt Institute. The table of contents, with hyperlinks, is listed below:

“Raising the Wind”
~ Sean Latham, Editor


“Coming Home to Joyce”: A Report on “Eire on Erie,” the North American James Joyce Conference, Buffalo, New York, 13-17 June 2009 ~ Leah Culligan-Flack

“Wasseres of Erie”: A Report on the 2009 North American James Joyce Conference, Buffalo, New York, 13-17 June 2009 ~ Robert M. Kirschen

“Trieste ate I my livre”: The Thirteenth Annual Trieste Joyce School, University of Trieste, 28 June-4 July 2009 ~ Aingeal Clare

“So This Is Dyoublong”: A Report on the Dublin James Joyce Summer School, 5-11 July 2009 ~ Amanda Sigler

“Musicillogical Joyce”: The 2009 Zurich Joyce Workshop, 2-8 August 2009 ~ Alison Lacivita


“Britain’s Wild West: Joyce’s Encounter with the Apache Chief” ~ Greg Winston

“Cochise the Apache Chief” (with an introduction by Greg Winston)
~ Paul Herring

“How Joyce Acquired the ‘Stale Smut of Clubmen’: Photo Bits in the Early Twentieth Century”
~ Jennifer Burns Levin

“Hearing Joyce Speak: The Phonograph Recordings of ‘Aeolus’ and ‘Anna Livia Plurabelle’ as Audiotexts ~ Adrian Curtin* (James Joyce Reading \”Anna Livia Plurabelle\”)

“An Obsession with Plenitude: The Aesthetics of Hoarding in Finnegans Wake” ~ Patrick Wynn Moran

“Waking the King: Faction and Fission in Finnegans Wake” ~ Roy Benjamin

“‘Our Day at Triv and Quad’: John Ruskin and the Liberal Arts in Finnegans Wake II.2” ~ Christopher Eagle

William S. Brockman



“Making Them in the One Pot” ~ R. Brandon Kershner

“Finnegans Wake: The Dating Game” ~ Peter J. Reichenberg


“Quelque Shaw?” ~ Simon Loekle __________________________________________________________________________________


Catholic Nostalgia in Joyce and Company, by Mary Lowe-Evans ~ Emer Nolan

The Early Joyce and the Writing of “Exiles,” by Nick De Marco ~ Kristen N. Sanner

Reading Joyce, by David Pierce ~ Ira B. Nadel

A Companion to James Joyce
, edited by Richard Brown ~ Jed Deppman

How to Read Joyce, by Derek Attridge, Joyce, by Ian Pindar ~ Andrew Thacker

Proust and Joyce in Dialogue, by Sarah Tribout-Joseph ~ Scarlett Baron

Modernist Heresies, by Damon Franke ~ Miranda B. Hickman

Das Neue Sehen: Carola Giedion-Welcker und die Sprache der Moderne, by Iris Bruderer-Oswald
~ Katharina Hagena

Yeats and Joyce: Cyclical History and the Reprobate Tradition, by Alistair Cormack
~ Bonnie Roos

The Professional Literary Agent in Britain, 1880-1920, by Mary Ann Gillies
~ Aaron Jaffe



Anne Nolan




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