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September 14, 2010, 11:33 AM
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The current issue of JJQ, 46.3-4 (Spring/Summer 2009), guest edited by Vike Martina Plock, is now available, featuring articles centered around the theme of “Joyce and Physiology” by Plock, Valérie Bénéjam, Ariela Freedman, Aida Yared, Katherine Mullin, Mark S. Morrisson, David Rando, Sam Slote, and Bill Brockman’s Current JJ Checklist (107). The front cover for this issue features a c. 1900 photograph of the entrance to the National Library of Ireland in Kildare Street. Copies are currently available to subscribers.

The table of contents for the current issue is listed below:


A Memorial Tribute to Zack Bowen” ~ Sebastian D. G. Knowles

“The Ulysses Reading Group at the Center for Fiction” ~ Cathleen McLoughlin

“A Report on a One-Day Colloquium”: Ulysses: 25 Years Critical and Synoptic Edition, London, England, 6 November 2009 ~ Jūratė Levina



“Introduction to ‘Joyce and Physiology’” ~ Vike Martina Plock

“Joyce After Flaubert: The Cuckold as Imperfect Physician , the Writer as Physiologist” ~ Valérie Bénéjam

“Skindeep Ulysses” ~ Ariela Freedman

“Eating and Digesting ‘Lestrygonians’: A Physiological Model of Reading” ~ Aida Yared

“Good Vibrations: ‘Sirens,’ Soundscapes, and Physiology” ~ Vike Martina Plock

“Menstruation in Ulysses” ~ Katherine Mullin

“’Their Pineal Glands Aglow’: Theosophical Physiology in Ulysses” ~ Mark S. Morrisson

“The Cat’s Meow: Ulysses, Animals, and the Veterinary Gaze” ~ David Rando

“Garryowen and the Bloody Mangy Mongrel of Irish Modernity” ~ Sam Slote



“A Lead on a Dog?” ~ Jason David Hall



“Booty Call!” ~ Simon Loekle



Cannibal Joyce, by Thomas Jackson Rice ~ John Gordon

Joyce, Imperialism & Postcolonialism, edited by Leonard Orr ~ Gregory Castle

James Joyce’s Negations: Irony, Indeterminacy and Nihilism in ‘Ulysses’ and Other Writings, by Brian Cosgrove ~ Kevin J. H. Dettmar

Dublin James Joyce Journal, edited by Luca Crispi and Anne Fogarty ~ David Pierce

James Joyce and the Mythology of Modernism, by Daniel M. Shea ~ William C. Mottolese

Lacan and the Destiny of Literature: Desire, Jouissance and the Sinthome in Shakespeare, Donne, Joyce and Ashbery, by Ahsan Azari ~ Luke Thurston

Cinema and Modernism, by David Trotter ~ Louise Hornby

Re-Covering Modernism: Pulps, Paperbacks, and the Prejudice of Form, by David M. Earle ~ Suzanne W. Churchill

The Other Night: Dreaming, Writing, and Restlessness in Twentieth-Century Literature, by Herschel Farbman ~ Jen Shelton

Modernism, the Market, and the Institution of the New, by Rod Rosenquist ~ John Xiros Cooper

Washed by the Gulf Stream: The History and Geographic Relation of Irish and Caribbean Literature, by Maria McGarrity ~ Peter Kalliney

Poetry and Apocalypse: Theological Disclosures of Poetic Language, by William Franke ~ Lee A. Jacobus





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