“Ulysses” inspires “Minus 3” album by jjqblog
October 5, 2010, 12:11 PM
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The new album entitled “North Strand” from from the ambient musical group  “Minus 3” is clearly thematically inspired by James Joyce’s “Ulysses.” All tracks are written and recorded by musician Keith Rose and vocalist Rebecca Reis-Miller, who infuse their music with “an eclectic form of ambient music: operatic, enveloping, disquieting, and infused with industrial field recordings.”

Track titles for “North Strand” include:

1. North Strand
2. Enters Mabbot Street (Circe Remains)
3. Adiaphane
4. Strindberg
5. Yes
6. North Strand (gloaming)

Listen to “North Strand” at http://www.last.fm or amazon.com.

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