Illustration project of “Finnegans Wake” by jjqblog
October 19, 2010, 12:07 PM
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A new blog project, “Wake In Progress”, ambitiously attempts to put illustrations to Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. The creator of these illustrations, Stephen Crowe, began his work over a year ago and has posted 20 pictorial slides to his site. Crowe writes that his illustrations are his attempt to honour the book by purposefully creating pictures that look like they belong in a rubbish pile: “When I began this project, I wanted the look of the illustrations to take into account the book’s various incarnations — to appear variously as an illuminated manuscript, as the work of an obsessive artist, and as scavenged discoveries of the city dump.” Visit “Wake in Progress” to view Crowe’s illustrations and to watch his project unfold.

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