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October 20, 2010, 10:46 AM
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“Cognitive Joyce: The Neuronal Text” is an international conference that will be held at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, May 27-28, 2011. Organized by Caroline Morillot and Sylvain Belluc, this conference aims to “highlight and dissect the mental and neuro-physiological mechanisms, such as perception, attention, memory, reasoning or communication, through which Joyce’s characters build up their knowledge.” The conference theme of Joyce and the  neurosciences will, in turn, involve narrower topics such as aesthetics and cognition, fiction and cognition, and cognitive linguistics, to name a few.

Proposals relating to the following issues are welcome:
  • Philosophical background: Aristotle, Plotinus, etc.
  • Theological background: Aquinas (as relayed, especially, by Jacques Maritain), Saint John of the Cross, Dionysius the Areopagite, etc.
  • Cognitive operations at both the diegetic and extradiegetic levels.
  • The connection between narratology and cognitive science.
  • The limits of the cognitive approach.

300-word proposals should be submitted to Caroline Morillot (caroline.morillot@univ-paris3.fr) and Sylvain Belluc (sylvain.belluc@etud.sorbonne-nouvelle.fr) by January 31, 2011.

Visit Cognitive Joyce CFP for more information.

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