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March 23, 2012, 11:31 AM
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Issue 47.4 (Summer 2010) of the JJQ is available for ordering.  The issue focuses on translations of Joyce’s work, is guest edited by Jolanta Wawrzycka, and features articles from Scarlett Baron, Fritz Senn, Andras Kappanyos, Katarzyna Bazarnik, Congrong Dai, and Bill Brockman’s JJ Checklist.  The cover shows a map of the apartments the Joyces in which the Joyce’s lived while in Paris.

The table of contents with links to articles and abstracts from Project Muse is listed below.


“A Source of Inspiration”: A Report on the XXII North American James Joyce Conference, San Marino and Pasadena, California, 12-16 June 2011 ~Tabatha Hibbs

“Parsing Joyce’s Paris”: A Review of “Exile Among Expats: James Joyce in Paris,” Rosenbach Museum and Library, 23 February-28 August 2011 ~Beth Blum

An Irishman and a Jew go into a Pub …“: Melbourne’s Bloomsday 2011 ~Edward Reilly



Part I
“Translatorial Joyce”

Introduction: Translatorial Joyce ~Jolanta Wawrzycka, Guest-Editor

“Will you be as gods?” (U 3.38): Joyce Translating Flaubert ~Scarlett Baron

Transmutation in Digress ~Fritz Senn

Fragments of a Report: Ulysses Translation in Progress ~András Kappanyos

A Polish Translation of Finnegans Wake in Progress ~Katarzyna Bazarnik

A Chinese Translation of Finnegans Wake: The Work in Progress ~Congrong Dai

Part 2

Writing the Fortunate Fall: “O felix culpa!” in Finnegans Wake ~Andrew J. Mitchell

An Interview with David Hayman ~Michael Patrick Gillespie


JJ Checklist

Current JJ Checklist (111) ~William S. Brockman



“Kubla Khan” in Finnegans Wake ~Max M. Friedman



Plum Crazy! ~Simon Loekle



The Letters of Sylvia Beach, edited by Keri Walsh ~William S. Brockman

New Perspectives on James Joyce: Ignatius Loyola Make Haste to Help Me! edited by María Luz Suárez Castiñeira, Asier Altuna García de Salazar, and Olga Fernández Vicente ~M. Teresa Caneda Cabrera

The Literature of Ireland: Culture and Criticism, by Terence Brown ~Terence Killeen

Joyce Against Theory: James Joyce After Deconstruction, by David Vichnar ~Peter Mahon

Help My Unbelief: James Joyce and Religion, by Geert Lernout ~Len Platt

Zero’s Neighbour: Sam Beckett, by Hélène Cixous~John Paul Riquelme

Three Joseph Kosuth Installations: Texts (Waiting for-) for Nothing, Samuel Beckett, in Play; Titled (Art as Idea as Idea) Nothing; and “Ulysses,” 18 Titles and Hours ~Richard J. Gerber


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