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May 15, 2012, 9:26 AM
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Issue 48.1 (Fall 2010) is available for ordering.  The issue features articles from Jim Leblanc, April Pelt, Zena Meadowsong, Daniel Shea, Jesse Schotter, and Roy Benjamin and Bill Brockman’s Current JJ Checklist (112).  It also includes entertainments from Simon Loekle and Megeen R. Mulholland.  The front cover is a photo of Elizabeth Paddock, whose stage name was Marcella the Midget Queen. A reference to Marcella appears in Ulysses, and it is possible that Joyce saw her perform. We are grateful to Victor W. Pitcher, Paddock’s great-nephew, for permission to reproduce the image.

The table of contents with links to articles and abstracts from Project Muse is below.


“Little Old Joyce From Pasadena”: The XXII North American James Joyce Conference, San Marino-Pasadena, California, 12-16 June 2011
Dermot Kelly

“Paradise Found”: The XXII North American James Joyce Conference, San Marino-Pasadena, California, 12-16 June 2011
Michael Timins

“A Learner Like Stephen, a Wanderer like Bloom.“: The 2011 Dublin James Joyce Summer School, 3-9 July 2011
Bozhana Filipova

“Amhrán no Wien”: A Report on “100 Myles: The International Flann O’Brien Centenary Conference,” Vienna, Austria 24-27 July 2011
Ronan Crowley

“Pierced butnot Punctured”: A Report on the 2011 Zurich James Joyce Foundation Workshop, 31 July–6 August 2011
Erika Mihálycsa



“The Dead” Just Won’t Stay Dead
Jim LeBlanc

Advertising Agency: Print Culture and Female Sexuality in “Nausicaa”
April Pelt

Joyce’s Utopian Machine: The Anti-Tyrannical Mechanics of Ulysses
Zena Meadowsong

“A Rank Outsider”: Gambling and Economic Rivalry in Ulysses
Daniel Shea

Verbivocovisuals: James Joyce and the Problem of Babel
Jesse Schotter

What Era’s O’ering? The Precession of the Equinoxes in Finnegans Wake
Roy Benjamin

William S. Brockman



Pomes Two Bits Each!
Simon Loekle

Maria Addresses Mr James Joyce
Megeen R. Mulholland



Marcella the Midget Queen
Tim Conley

Another Side-Street Off “Bleibtreustrasse 34”
Wolfgang Wicht

Who Taught Molly to Say “Yes”?
Richard Corballis



Further Adventures of James Joyce, by Colm Herron
Morris Beja

Joyce’s Disciples Disciplined: A Re-Exagmination of the “Exagmination of Work in Progress,” edited by Tim Conley
Valérie Bénéjam

A Passion for Joyce: The Letters of Hugh Kenner and Adaline Glasheen, edited by Edward M. Burns
David Pierce

James Joyce: A Critical Guide, by Lee Spinks
Amanda Sigler

Roll Away the Reel World: James Joyce and Cinema, edited by John McCourt
Sonja Jankov

Self Impression: Life-Writing, Autobiografiction, & the Forms of Modern Literature, by Max Saunders
Joseph Kelly

James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet, by John Cage, performed on Friday and Saturday, 11-12 November 2011, at the Sosnoff Theater, Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
Richard Gerber


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