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July 20, 2012, 9:53 AM
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Issue 48.2 (Winter 2011) is available for ordering.  The issue features articles from Margot Norris, John S. Bak, Josh Epstein, Justin Kiczek, and Richard Barlow  and Bill Brockman’s Current JJ Checklist (113).  It also includes an entertainment from Simon Loekle.  The front cover is a Sculpture by Matthew Picton based on the interior monologues  of Leopold and Molly Bloom and Stephen Dedalus within the framework of 1904 Dublin.  The sculpture was photographed by Robert Jaffe and appears courtesy of the Summaria Lunn Gallery.

The table of contents with links to articles and abstracts from Project Muse is below.


A Sculpture of James Joyce’s Ulysses
Matthew Picton

“Joyce and Religions: A Gradual Reawakening of the Irish Conscience” Boston College, 21 April 2012
John Paul Riquelme

In Memoriam Edmund Epstein
Jeffrey Drouin

A Note on Edmund Epstein
John Tytell



Don’t Call Him “Blazes”: Hugh E. Boylan’s Narrative Caricature
Margot Norris

“A great deal of dullness. Then some dirt. Then more dullness”: Tom “Tennessee” Williams’s 1936 Reading of Ulysses
John S. Bak

Joyce’s Phoneygraphs: Music, Mediation, and Noise Unleashed
Josh Epstein

Joyce in Transit: The “Double Star” Effect of Ulysses
Justin Kiczek

The “united states of Scotia Picta”: Scottish Literature and History in Finnegans Wake
Richard Barlow


William S. Brockman



Stephen Versus Verses!
Simon Loekle



Allusions to “Eveline” in Finnegans Wake I.8
Jim LeBlanc

Joyce’s “Rib Risible”?
Dirk Schultze

“Poor Penelope. Penelope Rich”: Sir Philip Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella as a Prototype for the Rewriting of the Odysseus Myth in Ulysses
Dieter Fuchs



Who’s Afraid of James Joyce? by Karen R. Lawrence
Kimberly J. Devlin

Modernism and Copyright, edited by Paul K. Saint-Amour
Dale Barleben

James Joyce, edited by Sean Latham
John Gordon

Public Works: Infrastructure, Irish Modernism, and the Postcolonial, by Michael Rubenstein
Gregory Castle

Empire and Pilgrimage in Conrad and Joyce, by Agata Szczeszak-Brewer
John McCourt

“Ulysses” in Focus: Genetic, Textual, and Personal Views, by Michael Groden
Frank C. Manista


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