Joyce’s Complete Works Translated into Korean by jjqblog
November 4, 2014, 10:19 AM
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IMG_20141104_101500253Dr. Chong-keon Kim, honorary professor of Korea University, Seoul, Korea, finally attained his long-cherished desire to translate all Joyce’s works into Korean. His Complete Works of James Joyce Translated into Korean, published in 2013, is a landmark both in the Korean history of translation and in the studies of English literature in Korea. Rather than simply translating Joyce’s works into Korean, Dr. Kim tried to translate every Joycean word into Korean while maintaining the original meaning. For this, he often added annotations and put the original English words in parentheses right after the translated words into Korean. Dr. Kim’s translation became a trigger to make Joyce studies more active in Korea.  Indeed, without his translation, it would be impossible for common Korean readers to better understand Joyce’s works.


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Does this include Finnegans Wake? What an achievement!

Comment by Boriana Alexandrova

Earlier before I got drenched with Dr.Kim’s intellectual shower on Joyce Literature. With his big mentoring I’m until now delving into the Joyce’s Finnegans Wake…. like walking into eternity. Actually I own that collection.

Comment by DaeCheol Park

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