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March 23, 2015, 9:05 AM
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Drones, cannons, and guns are a far cry from silence, exile, and cunning, but that’s what you’ll find aboard the Irish Naval Service’s new “offshore patrol vessel,” the Long Eireannach James Joyce.  The 300-foot vessel is equipped with twin diesel engines, cannons and machine guns of every size, orbiter drones, and mini-submarines.  It has been commissioned to pair with the L. E. Samuel Beckett, a nearly identical ship, to patrol 158,000 square miles of Ireland’s “exclusive economic zone” extending West into the Atlantic and East toward Great Britain.  Although Leopold Bloom likely would have been fascinated by such details, it still seems odd that Joyce’s name is now attached to a piece of military equipment used to secure national boundaries.  Popular Science has more details on the ship’s equipage and technology.


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This goes against what Joyce stood for. I am appalled. What if anything can we do to revoke this?

Comment by Mary Libertin

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