45.3-4 Table of Contents

Volume 45, Number 3/4

Introduction to “Biographical Joyce”
Charles Rossman and Alan W. Friedman, Guest Editors



Joycean Body-Building and Midnight Charades (Not Stripped Naked) in the Piazza: A Review of the Twelfth Annual Trieste Joyce School, 29 June–5 July 2008
Christopher Whalen

Omnium Gatherum: The Dublin James Joyce Summer School, 6–12 July 2008
Eleni Loukopoulou

“Shadows by the Film Folk”: A Report on the Volta Cinematograph Centenary Celebrations in Trieste, 14–22 January 2009
Cleo A. Hanaway

“Funferall in Finntown”: A Report from the First Meeting of the New York-Philadelphia Finnegans Wake Reading Group, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 22 March 2009
Janine Utell

Giorgio Melchiori, Rome, 19 August 1920-Fiumicini, 8 February 2009
John McCourt

Luigi Schenoni, 1935–2008
Corinna del Greco Lobner



“Thought-Tormented Music”: Joyce and the Music of the Irish Revival
Martin Dowling

Journalist Joyce: A Portrait
James A. Reppke

The Nora Letters as a Source of Joyce’s Performativity
Christine Van Boheemen-Saaf

Travesties: Tom Stoppard’s Joyce and Other Dadaist Fantasies, Or History in a Hat
Ira B. Nadel

Chaplin and Joyce: A Mutual Understanding of Gesture
Jesse H. McKnight

“Circe” and the Genesis of Multiple Personality
Finn Fordham

Joyce in Hollywood in the 1930s: A Biographical Essay
Joseph Kelly

Crossing Folkloric Bridges: The Cat, the Devil, and Joyce
Amanda Sigler

William S. Brockman



To Blazes!
Simon Loekle



Joyce, Ireland, Britain, edited by Andrew Gibson and Len Platt
Gregory Castle

Joyce & Jung: The “Four Stages of Eroticism” in “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, by Hiromi Yoshida
Sheldon Brivic

“Giacomo Joyce”: Envoys of the Other, edited by Louis Armand and Clare Wallace
Franca Ruggieri

Joyce, Race and “Finnegans Wake”, by Len Platt
Finn Fordham

How Joyce Wrote “Finnegans Wake”: A Chapter-by-Chapter Genetic Guide, edited by Luca Crispi and Sam Slote
Louis Armand

Joyce’s Kaleidoscope: An Invitation to “Finnegans Wake”, by Philip Kitcher
David Rando

Joyce’s Rare View: The Nature of Things in “Finnegans Wake”, by Richard Beckman
Christy L. Burns

Modernist Literature: Challenging Fictions, by Vicki Mahaffey
Leonard Diepeveen

Modernism on Fleet Street, by Patrick Collier
Mark Wollaeger

British Modernism and Censorship, by Celia Marshik
Allison Pease

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in Bed: Modernism’s Fairy Tales, by Ann Martin
Jen Shelton

Nation States: The Cultures of Irish Nationalism, by Michael Mays
Oona Frawley

Recovering Your Story: Proust, Joyce, Woolf, Faulkner, Morrison, by Arnold Weinstein
Hugo Azérad

Jeffrey Kresky




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