44.4 Table of Contents

Volume 44, Number 4

Raising the Wind
Sean Latham, Editor



James Joyce Symposium in Honor of Austin Briggs, Hamilton College, 29 September 2007
Michael Groden

“One Has Thoughts of That Eternal Rome”: A Report on the James Joyce Graduate Conference Sponsored by the James Joyce Italian Foundation, Università Roma Tre, 1-2 February 2008
M. Teresa Caneda Cabrera



Where Was Moses When the Candle Went Out?: Infinity, Prophecy, and Ethics in
Spinoza’s Philosophy and “Ithaca”

Elizabeth S. Anker

Circuits of Meeting and Telling: Joyce, Psychoanalysis, and Narration
Tony Thwaites

“Time Drops in Decay”: A Portrait of the Artist in History (ii), Chapter 2
Andrew Gibson

Séansong, or whatyoumacormack, in Finnegans Wake
Patrick Reilly

William S. Brockman


James Joyce: Copyright, Fair Use, and Permissions: Frequently Asked Questions
The International James Joyce Foundation



Rearranging the Furniture at No. 7
Ian Gunn and Clive Hart

Phantom Ship
John Gordon

Buying and Selling Finnegans Wake
Peter Mahon

The Language of the Outlaw: A Clarification
Abby Bender

Notes on Giacomo Joyce and “Nausicaa”
Aaron Winslow


Simon Loekle



Joyce and the Narrative Structure of Incest, by Jen Shelton
Bonnie Kime Scott

James Joyce and the Problem of Psychoanalysis, by Luke Thurston
Jean-Michel Rabaté

“Dubliners”: James Joyce, edited by Margot Norris
Cóilín Owens

Ireland: Space, Text, Time, edited by Liam Harte, Yvonne Whelan, and Patrick Crotty
Matthew Schultz

Las Poéticas de James Joyce y Luis Martín-Santos. Aproximación a un Estudio de Deudas Literarias, by Marisol Morales Ladrón
Carmelo Medina Casado

Beckett After Beckett, edited by S. E. Gontarski and Anthony Uhlmann
Alan W. Friedman

Weder Noch: Aufsätze zu Samuel Beckett, by Friedhelm Rathjen
Dirk Van Hulle

The Modernist Novel and the Decline of Empire, by John Marx
Gregory Castle

Modernism: A Cultural History, by Tim Armstrong
David Ayers

Shakespeare and Modernism, by Carl DiPietro
Benjamin D. Hagen

Sandra Tropp




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